New Website - Idea to Launch

ModSpot has worked with many clients to build their website from scratch. Whether you are looking for a basic one-page brochure site, an e-commerce site or even an internal business-to-business corporate marketing website (not shown in the portfolio section due to the nature of the site), ModSpot can help bring your vision to life.

Website Redesign - Keeping Up With The Times

You may have a website that was designed quite some time ago. While it still works, it may not be as up to date as it could be. Having a website that isn't responsive or mobile-friendly is a big sign that your website is behind the times since most people go online using their phones or tablets now. ModSpot can help ease the transition while keeping as much of your original design as you would like or giving you a whole new facelift, the choice is yours.

E-Commerce - The World Is Your Storefront

ModSpot has experience working with BigCommerce, Volusion, WooCommerce and Shopify. If you're looking to bring your product to an online storefront, ModSpot can help you get there from site design to setup and launch as well as helping you decide which platform would best suit your needs.

ModSpot has also worked with a marina to implement a boat inventory system on their website that was originally modified from a car inventory system that allows potential customers to submit inquiries on specific models. If you are selling anything to be shipped, boats or cars, ModSpot has a solution.

Maintenance and Updates - After Your Website Is Live

Once your website is live, it is important to maintain your website and keep it updated. Search engines love updated websites. Maintenance is important for website security. Wordpress is very popular because it is easy to use but it is open-source making it vulnerable to hackers. ModSpot does install monitoring security plugins and also secures the website as much as possible to prevent hacking, but it is still important to keep up on updates.

One service offered by ModSpot is routine maintenance including updating system and plugin files in addition to backups on a monthly plan to include manual scans and malware removal if found, regular website backups and website restoration from backup at no cost if ever necessary.

Website content updating services are also offered by ModSpot at an hourly rate as outlined in the client contract.

If you have a website that you would like maintained or updated, please feel free to contact ModSpot for more information.

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